Chapter 12

Financial Technology


check Discovering future global bank trends

check Uncovering new investment vehicles

check Exposing risk in the banking blockchain

check Developing new financing strategies

The first to adopt blockchain technology were banks, governments, and other financial institutions — and they’re the fasting-growing blockchain users, too. The powerful tools that are being built to manage and move money will reshape our world in new and unexpected ways, so it makes sense that financial technology (fintech) would jump onboard.

This chapter gives you the inside scoop on what governments are currently doing with blockchain technology and how it will affect you. Fintech touches your life every day, whether you’re aware of it or not.

In this chapter, I introduce you to future banking trends, new regulations, and the new tools that can help you move money faster and cheaper. I also explain new types of investment vehicles and other blockchain innovations. Finally, I warn you about potential risks of investments involving virtual currency and new blockchain-technology-enabled ...

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