Chapter 13

Real Estate


check Evaluating global real estate trends

check Discovering dead capital and ways to fix it

check Uncovering how Fannie Mae will fit in a blockchain world

check Revealing how China will evolve with blockchain technology

Real estate will be one of the industries most impacted by innovations in blockchain technology. The impact will be felt in every country in a slightly different way. In the western world, we might see the advent of things like transparent mortgage-backed securities traded on blockchain-enabled exchanges. In China, blockchain integration is already happening with things like notarization, an essential component of real estate transactions. In the developing world, blockchains hold the most promise because they may be able to free capital and increase trade.

This chapter dives into the innovations that are already happening around the world in the real estate industry. I also fill you in on possible changes coming down the road and the significant implications of blockchain technology.

Real estate holds much of the world’s wealth and economic stability. ...

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