Chapter 16

Other Industries


check Discovering the lean government foundations being built around the world

check Getting a head start on improved Internet infrastructure layers for your business and home

check Starting to make your own blockchain identity

check Monetizing your information through smart contracts

It’s easy to focus on the most prominent blockchain projects and industry impacts, but blockchain technology has already begun to touch all aspects of society.

In this chapter, I lead you through some of the more interesting and unusual applications of blockchain technology that you may not have suspected. Some of the most exciting transformations will occur within government systems, new trust layers for the Internet, and new industries created by blockchains. Here, you discover the most impressive changes that are taking place now and how these transformations will affect your life and the industry you work in, as well as the governments and agencies that protect you.

Lean Governments

A few small nations have realized that if they are going to compete in a global economy, they ...

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