Chapter 17

Ten Free Blockchain Resources


check Discovering free blockchain education resources

check Getting involved in the Blockchain community

check Staying up to date on the latest blockchain news

check Deepening your knowledge of other blockchain resources

In this chapter, I outline interesting free resources across the blockchain ecosystem that will help you stay informed and get involved in the community. Here, you can find free tools for making oracles (the data feeds that allow smart contracts to execute), videos that will expand your knowledge, and organizations that are shaping the future of the industry.

Factom University

Factom, Inc., is a blockchain company that services the Factom open-source network. It builds custom blockchain applications for large corporations and governments. It has also built a blockchain as a service product for the U.S. mortgage industry.

Factom University ( was created by Factom, Inc., and is a growing knowledge base created to teach individuals about blockchain technology, the Factom platform, and APIs. It consists of ...

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