Chapter 3

Getting Your Hands on Blockchain


Bullet Creating and using a Bitcoin and Ethereum wallet

Bullet Exchanging Bitcoin for Ether

Bullet Creating a blockchain asset

Bullet Leasing a blockchain asset

Bullet Deploying a private blockchain

Blockchains are very powerful tools and are positioned to change how the world moves money, secures systems, and builds digital identities. If you aren’t a core developer, you probably won’t be doing any in-depth blockchain development in the near future. That said, you still need to understand how blockchains work and what their core limitations are because they’ll be integrated into many everyday online interactions in the near future — from how businesses pay people to how governments know that their systems and data are intact and secure.

In this chapter, you dive right into blockchain technology. You purchase your first cryptocurrency and learn how to exchange it for other currencies. You set up special applications that will give you access to a whole ecosystem ...

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