Chapter 9

Getting Your Hands on Hyperledger


Bullet Uncovering Hyperledger Foundation

Bullet Discovering key Hyperledger projects

Bullet Building an asset tracking platform

Bullet Creating chaincode smart contracts

Hyperledger is a foundation that supports a community of software developers and technology enthusiasts who are building industry standards for blockchain frameworks and platforms. Hyperledger’s work is crucial because they’re creating blockchain technology that fit the needs of businesses. Cryptocurrencies on public blockchains have regulatory implications and liabilities that prevent many companies from utilizing these networks. Hyperledger has many of the same benefits of public blockchain technology but operates without a cryptocurrency. With big supporters such as Intel and IBM, Hyperledger is the “trusted” deployment platform for enterprise teams.

Hyperledger and its unique project are growing every day. As of this writing, it has more than 100 member companies and several blockchain applications in incubation. Hyperledger’s first few projects include Fabric, Iroha, and Sawtooth. ...

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