Chapter 10

Applying Microsoft Azure


Bullet Building new applications

Bullet Bridging your systems

Bullet Authenticating new systems

Bullet Deploying private Ethereum

In this chapter, you get a preview of the exciting innovations that are taking place inside of Microsoft’s Azure platform and how these changes can improve your business’s efficiency and create new opportunities for products and services.

This chapter helps you compete for, collaborate with, and service customers in a global economy. Blockchain technology is opening new markets and changing business models. Microsoft is working hard to make it an assessable technology for traditional business.

This chapter also explains innovative blockchain bridges that are being built to allow you to connect and scale your existing systems. You find out how to deploy your own blockchain inside Azure and the keys elements to making a safe and hassle-free transition to blockchain systems for your business.

Bletchley: The Modular Blockchain Fabric

Project Bletchley concentrates on offering architectural building blocks for enterprise customers within ...

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