The average person spends roughly three seconds on a website before deciding whether to stay. That’s not enough time to read your latest blog post and know your blog is awesome. Instead, design impacts that decision. If the visitor does happen to stay, you want to keep them around with a blog that just plain makes sense to use.

This book seeks to help you improve your blog design, whether you’re starting from scratch, redesigning an existing blog, or simply tinkering with your current design. I cover blog design in ways you might expect — design principles, colors, and fonts — and in ways you might not know are actually part of design — navigation, usability, and shareability. This book breaks all that down in an approachable, easy-to-use format so you can design a blog that encourages readers to stick around.

About This Book

Think of this book as a design guide for the average (and awesome) blogger. Most bloggers don’t have experience with design or coding. You simply have a voice you want to share through your blog. Whether you design a blog yourself, hire someone, or purchase pre-made design elements, this book gives you to tools to understand what makes a blog successful from a design and navigation standpoint.

This book is geared towards bloggers of all skill levels, although if you’ve been blogging for a while you may already know some of these tips or techniques. But not so fast! You may have been blogging for a long time but never knew underlying design principles, ...

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