Getting to Know Your Blog (Even Better)

In This Chapter

arrow Understanding how goals affect blog design

arrow Pinpoint your voice and tone

arrow Exploring ways to get to know your audience

Before you embark on designing your blog, you and your blog need to sit down and have a little chat. Get to know one another. Maybe even have some coffee together.

Kidding aside, to design a blog that reflects who you are and what you blog about, you need to take a closer look at your blog. I assume that you’ve already defined your purpose for blogging. If you still scratch your head over that, start there and determine what made you start a blog in the first place. As Darren Rowse from the popular blog Problogger once said: “If you’re fuzzy on what your blog is about, it’s unlikely that anyone else will have much of an idea either.”

This chapter goes beyond your blog’s purpose. I help you go deeper by giving you some ways to take a closer look at your blog. That way, you really, truly understand it. In this chapter, I show you how to create goals, get to know your audience, and even hone in on the voice and tone you want to shine through in your blog design.

Creating Goals for a Strong Design

If you’re serious ...

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