Gathering Design Ideas

In This Chapter

arrow Finding design inspiration through mood boards

arrow Analyzing other blogs for design ideas

arrow Discovering how blog analytics can aid in design decision-making

arrow Hiring a designer, purchasing a predesigned template, or designing your blog yourself

Decisions, decisions. Blog design is full of decisions. When you think about all the possibilities out there, it’s easy to overwhelm yourself with all the directions you could take. Ack!

Earlier chapters in this book give you a good grasp on some core design principles, helping you identify your audience (or who you want it to be) and establishing some concrete goals for your blog. With that knowledge tucked into your back pocket, it’s time to take a deep breath and start narrowing down your focus.

Although you still have many more decisions to make (as explored in later chapters), this chapter gets you actively gathering design ideas that will form the foundation for your overall design. For this chapter, roll up your sleeves to put together a mood board and study other blog designs. Here, you can also read ...

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