Navigation and SEO Basics

In This Chapter

arrow Knowing why good navigation design matters

arrow Incorporating SEO to improve navigation

arrow Making your site look good on mobile devices

No matter how awesomely designed a blog looks, visitors won’t stick around if a blog is hard to navigate. A blog should be easy for visitors to move through, whether they just want to explore your blog or need to find something specific.

The next few chapters cover various aspects of making your blog easy to navigate, and this chapter first gives you a foundation of good navigation design by explaining how both you and your readers benefit. In addition, I cover ways to optimize your blog to bring in new readers from search engines. Finally, I cover a few ways to ensure that your blog is easy to navigate on mobile devices.

Discovering the Mission of Good Navigation

You may write wonderfully thought-provoking blog posts, but all the best writing in the world does you little good if your readers have to think too hard when it comes to moving around your blog. Good navigation as part of your blog design means that visitors can move through your site intuitively. They don’t need help figuring it out because the navigation ...

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