Working with Images

In This Chapter

arrow Deciding on images

arrow Making simple image edits

arrow Knowing which image format to use for the best quality

arrow Properly sizing images for your blog

arrow Using images in your blog posts

arrow Working with illustrations

People’s time — and thus attention — is so fragmented these days. People bounce from blog to blog and social media network to network, not to mention spending time online to do product research, check their bank account, or find their closest gym.

In the online world, you’ll often hear, “Content is king.” Images are content too. They play a huge role in grabbing a reader’s attention and should play a huge role in your blog design. Images can support your opinion, illustrate a how-to explanation, or fuel your story with emotion. Strong images also help build your blog brand’s look and feel and guide readers through your site.

Think about it. Would you ...

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