Incorporating Design into Your Blog Posts

In This Chapter

arrow Formatting text options

arrow Using subheadings to break up text

arrow Using images and lists to enhance readability

arrow Styling block quotations to highlight quotes

arrow Creating lists and whitespace

When it comes to pages of content, readers see one type of page time and time again: your blog posts. Because blogs essentially revolve around those posts, working blog design into your blog posts should be a given. Your blog may have rock star content, but if your blog posts aren’t visually inviting, a visitor may skip over the content altogether.

In this chapter, I explore ways in which you can add some of your overall blog design into your blog posts through customizing blog post titles, styling block quotations, and more. This chapter also provides ideas for breaking up your long stretches of text with visual elements.

Banishing Long Blocks of Text

One day on Twitter, I came across a tweet about a tutorial that interested me. I clicked through ...

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