Ten Well-Designed Blogs

In the span of writing this book, I looked at literally hundreds of blog designs. And I came across many blogs that cover a range of styles, from subtle elegance to vivid bursts of color. This list isn’t meant to be a “top 10” but rather a peek at some great-looking blogs. Each blog in this list stays true to a consistent design, complete with little design details that give each of these blogs that extra wow factor.

Joy the Baker

If you love food, then prepare to get hungry when you visit Joy the Baker (http://joythebaker.com). While the majority of Joy Wilson's blog features baked goodness, she also shares fantastic recipes from smoothies to müesli.

The Joy the Baker blog shows you an example of a successful monochromatic blog design. As you can see in Figure 18-1, her blog design features various shades of pink, from pale pinks to pinks that border on purple. The design uses familiar shapes like circles, triangles, lines, and hearts as beautiful design elements throughout the blog. In the sidebar, I love how the triangles serve as arrows to guide the reader through the sidebar.

Under the Explore section, large images of recent recipes entice visitors. When you run your mouse over one, the image fades, and the post title appears.


© Joy the Baker

Figure 18-1: This blog’s clean design lets you focus on the food images.

Go See Write

Go See Write (www.goseewrite.com ...

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