Chapter 22

Ten Blogs You Should Know

Because so many blogs are floating about in the blogosphere, you can’t possibly read them all. In the beginning, only a handful of blogs were known well enough to attract solid audiences. A few short years later, well over 100 million different blogs exist, and each one attracts its own audience. This book makes reference to a number of blogs, but there’s always room for more. This chapter includes a short list of some of the blogs that I find most interesting and useful.

Take the time to visit each of these blogs. Not only do they feature great content, but you also can discover what these bloggers do to achieve blogging success.


In March 2004, Peter Rojas, cofounder of the blog Gizmodo, launched Engadget. Engadget is a contributor-supported blog that has posts written by several writers; it features articles about consumer technology and boasts lively discussions in the comments section.

Engadget is one of those blogs that you can’t live without. It has won a number of awards and been translated into several different languages. If you have any interest in gadgets (I know you do!) and want to find out more about them, you can’t go wrong in subscribing to Engadget. And if you want to explore the podcast milieu, don’t miss the weekly Engadget podcast.

Hyperbole and a Half

If you like reading funny blogs, you’ll love Hyperbole and a Half, written by Allie Brosh, whose prose will ...

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