Chapter 9

Creating Great Content

In This Chapter

arrow Discovering who your audience is

arrow Getting words onto your blog

arrow Adding value by including links

arrow Planning for blogging dry spells

Many elements work together to make a blog successful, from a well-designed layout to fancy technical widgets, but none of those elements can substitute for good content aimed at the right audience. In fact, if you write (or podcast or take photos) incredibly well and you're reaching readers who are engaged by your style and content, you can actually be successful without spending any time at all on your blog's appearance. Amazing content can even make your readers forgive an awkward interface or missing bells and whistles, such as RSS feeds or categories.

So, if you do nothing else to make your blog succeed, focus on producing great writing, photos, audio, or videos. Know what your audience wants and deliver it.

Most blogs include a written component, or are predominantly word based, so this chapter offers pointers on writing well for the web and understanding what your audience expects from your blog.

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