Chapter 12

Working with Photos

In This Chapter

arrow Getting set up with a digital camera and editing software

arrow Making or collecting images to use on your blog

arrow Using Picasa to edit your photos

arrow Putting Flickr photos into your blog posts

It's a fact: People love photos! You can increase your readership and decrease your writing time by including photos in your blog posts or putting photo badges (code you can place on your blog that shows off your photos) into your sidebar. Many bloggers have discovered that including a photo in a blog post, even if the photo is only tangentially related to the post, ensures that more people read the post than read entries without photos.

If you already have a digital camera and photo-editing software, you have the tools at hand to start putting photos into your blog quickly. But in case you're new to photography, this chapter also includes information about choosing a digital camera or software.

Putting graphics on your site is incredibly easy, and today's wonderful photo-sharing websites and photo-enabled blogging platforms make posting photos online quick ...

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