Chapter 20

Making Mad Mad Money

In This Chapter

arrow Checking out the advertising options

arrow Blogging for money

arrow Putting products on your blog with affiliate programs and gifts

arrow Looking for a blog sponsor

Advertising on your blog has never been easier. Many different advertising systems offer bloggers a free way to place ads on their blogs, and businesses have picked up on the fact that blog advertising can really work. Putting an ad or two on your blog can help you easily earn a little money doing something you enjoy. Many bloggers turn a pretty penny, and some even earn a living from advertising.

Ever since websites came into existence, you could find online advertisements. From the first web banners of the early Internet to today's contextual advertising systems, ads have run the gamut from wildly successful to a waste of precious bandwidth.

In some cases, the effectiveness of ads has more to do with the readers than anything else. Some types of blogs attract readers likely to look at and click through ads, whereas other blogs’ readers seem to not see the ads at all. In fact, some blog ...

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