Chapter 3

Choosing and Hosting Blog Software


Bullet Choosing a domain name for your blog

Bullet Identifying a good web host

Bullet Deciding between hosted and nonhosted software

Bullet Getting your blog software in place

If you're serious about turning your blog into a visual masterpiece, you're likely to choose a blog software package that you install on your own web server. Hosted solutions are great, but they offer you less control and personalization.

In this chapter, you can find information about choosing the right software for your situation. If you pick blog software that you need to install, you also need to purchase a domain name and web-hosting platform where you will install your software.

Prepare yourself for strange new technology jargon while you explore what makes blogging exciting, frustrating, confusing, and rewarding — blogging software.

Having Your Own Domain Name

Clearly you are reading this book because you want to start a blog. But before you get too much further, you need to deal with the single most important decision of your blogging career: the name of your blog! ...

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