Chapter 20

Making Mad Mad Money


Bullet Checking out the advertising options

Bullet Blogging for money

Bullet Putting products on your blog with affiliate programs and gifts

Bullet Looking for a blog sponsor

Bullet Viewing your blog as a platform

You’ve gotten to know the basics of blogging, you’ve built your online community, you’ve mastered the art of creating pinnable images; now it’s time to consider turning your blog into an income source. Long gone are the days of bloggers needing to explain the value of their online platforms. Companies are well aware of the value of online influencers, and the sky’s the limit for ways bloggers can convert their time online into substantial income.

In this chapter, you take a look at common ways to monetize blogs, but keep in mind that creativity is king in the online world. Let this chapter inspire you rather than confine you.

Finding Out How Advertising Works

Advertising on your blog has never been easier. Many different advertising systems offer bloggers ...

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