Chapter 3

Heading to the Heart of the Matter

In This Chapter

arrow Using your head to display power

arrow Nodding your head in agreement

arrow Tilting your head to indicate interest

arrow Discerning the meaning of other head movements

Whether you hold your head high, cant it in contrition, or drop it in despair, the way you position your head reveals what you think of the person, place, or thing you’re encountering. How you place and pose your head indicates whether you’re being aggressive, flirtatious, or are bored to distraction.

Head movements have many purposes. They can reveal attitudes, replace the spoken word, and support or challenge what is said. You can steer someone to look or move in a specific direction by using your head to guide her, or you can point with your head when finger pointing would be rude or inappropriate.

Slight head nods, chin thrusts, and sweeping actions emphasise words and phrases. In a meeting, the chairperson nods or her head to indicate who may speak next.

Discover in this chapter how a slight shift in action or angle can make the difference between being perceived as interested ...

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