Words are the most powerful drug used by mankind.

—Rudyard Kipling

In this chapter I'm going to teach you the 3-part Book Yourself Solid Writing Strategy. To help you learn the parts, I give you visuals that look like books on a shelf, one shelf for each part of the strategy. And while you can use this strategy to write a book, I want you to learn and apply it in multiple ways. So we will start by writing articles to post online, one of the most effective ways to generate traffic to your web site.

I'll also teach you how to analyze the different off line writing markets and the steps to get editors to publish your articles. Writing articles and publishing them online and off line will help you establish your reputation as an expert while generating interest in your products, programs, and services. By publishing online and off line, you will imprint your position as a category authority as widely as possible.

The 3-part Book Yourself Solid Writing Strategy


If you consider yourself a writer, you're going to say, “Yes, this Book Yourself Solid self-promotion strategy is for me and I'm going to jump on this right now!” If you don't picture yourself as a writer, you might be inclined to skip over this chapter, but please don't! Take it from me, even nonwriters can learn to write effective articles.

My fourth-grade teacher said ...

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