CHAPTER 9Perfect Pricing

What is the value, for example, of having the talent and skills to create a compelling web presence for someone or maybe a training manual for a corporation? Is it the length of time it takes for you to produce it, or the number of pages created, or, how about the number of images used? The answer is…D, none of the above. Unfortunately, that's how many service providers price their products and service offerings—as stuff. How should services be priced? By putting a value on what they will produce.

“But it took me only two hours to create it,” you might say. How long it takes you to write something, or design something, or think up an idea, or even the amount of time you spend with a client, is irrelevant. What (should) matter to the client is the financial, emotional, physical, and spiritual return on investment your product or service provides—remember, I introduced you to the all-important, FEPS benefits (financial, emotional, physical, and spiritual). Think about the value you provide.

  • How much income will your service create?
  • How long will what you create be a productive, useful resource for the client?
  • How much pain will you relieve?
  • How much pleasure will you create?
  • How are you helping your client connect to their purpose or spirit?
  • Will your work create substantial and long-lasting peace of mind?

No less important than the value you create is how you value yourself. This is another ...

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