Chapter 3

Employee Payroll and Benefits

In This Chapter

arrow Planning for your pay structure

arrow Figuring net pay and collecting and depositing employee taxes

arrow Keeping track of benefits

arrow Preparing and recording payroll

arrow Finding new ways to deal with payroll responsibilities

Unless your business has only one employee (you, the owner), you’ll most likely hire employees, and that means you’ll have to pay them, offer benefits, and manage a payroll.

Responsibilities for hiring and paying employees usually are shared between the human resources staff and the bookkeeping staff. As the bookkeeper, you must be sure that all government tax-related forms are completed and handle all payroll responsibilities, including paying employees, collecting and paying employee taxes, collecting and managing employee benefit contributions, and paying benefit providers. This chapter examines the various employee staffing issues that bookkeepers need to be able to manage.

Setting the Stage for Staffing: Making Payroll ...

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