Welcome to Bookkeeping All-In-One For Dummies, 2nd Edition! This book is a compendium of great Dummies content, covering soup to nuts on bookkeeping with a good portion of accounting coverage as well.

The term bookkeeper may generate images of a mild-mannered person quietly, or even meekly, poring over columns of figures under a green banker’s lamp somewhere in a corner. In reality, the bookkeeper is vitally important and wields a tremendous amount of power within a company. Information tracked in the books helps business owners make key decisions involving sales planning and product offerings, and enables them to manage many other financial aspects of their business.

If it weren’t for the hard work of bookkeepers, companies wouldn’t have a clue about what happens with their financial transactions. Without accurate financial accounting, a company owner wouldn’t know how many sales were made, how much cash was collected, or how much cash was paid for the products sold to customers during the year. He also wouldn’t know how much cash was paid to employees or how much cash was spent on other business needs throughout the year. In other words, yes, he’d be clueless.

The creation and maintenance of financial records is also important to those who work with the business, such as investors, financial institutions, and employees. People both inside (managers, owners, and employees) and outside the business (investors, lenders, and government agencies) all depend on the bookkeeper’s ...

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