Achievement (See Success and achievement)

Acronyms of storytelling, 158–160


behavioral questions/answers, 83–84, 87–88, 103–104, 109–110

management and executives questions/answers, 189–190, 197–198


behavioral questions/answers, 73–74, 83–84, 89–90

students and new graduate questions/answers, 253–254

Analysis, 197–198 (See also Problem solving)

Answers, ideal length of, 107 (See also Questions and answers)

Assertiveness (See Initiative)


greatest weakness (emphasize strengths), 29–30, 223–224

Authority, working with

behavioral questions/answers, 79–80

career changers and reentry questions/answers, 211–212

general questions/answers, 41–42

performance review, 41–42, 211–212

Beginnings, middles, ...

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