How to do it…

  1. Open chapter5/start/main.scss and comment out all the @import statements except the one that pertains to this recipe:
@import "./bower_components/bootstrap/scss/bootstrap.scss";@import "./bower_components/bootstrap/scss/_mixins.scss";@import "./bower_components/font-awesome/scss/font-awesome.scss";@import "./bower_components/hover/scss/hover.scss";// @import "recipe05-01.scss";// @import "recipe05-02.scss";// @import "recipe05-03.scss"; // @import "recipe05-04.scss"; // @import "recipe05-05.scss"; // @import "recipe05-06.scss"; // @import "recipe05-07.scss";// @import "recipe05-08.scss";
  1. Open chapter5/start/recipe05-08.scss and copy and paste the code from chapter5/complete/recipe05-07.scss into it.
  2. Open the empty file ...

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