16Hit the Books

Read Three Business Titles a Year

“PSSSST! HEY FELLA, over here—on your bookshelf. Yeah, I’m talking to you, Mr. or Ms. Leader. You bought me a year ago and stuck me next to this stupid binder that hasn’t seen the light of day in ten years. Is that my fate? Are you ever going to read me? What’d you buy me for, anyway? You know, I could have gone home with that hard-charging manager down the hall who would have put me to good use. Maybe I would have been loaned out to other people, so my knowledge and ideas would flow around the company. But noooo, you’re too busy to read me. Did you buy me just to fill up this bookcase and make yourself look smart?”

If your books could talk, would any of them say this to you? Are you buying the ...

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