Bootstrapping Microservices, Second Edition

Video description

Build a microservices application from scratch using industry standard tools and battle-tested best practices.

The best way to learn microservices development is to build something! Bootstrapping Microservices with Docker, Kubernetes, GitHub Actions, and Terraform, Second Edition guides you from zero through to a complete microservices project, including fast prototyping, development, and deployment.

In Bootstrapping Microservices, Second Edition you’ll get hands-on experience with microservices development skills like:

  • Creating, configuring, and running a microservice with Node.js
  • Building and publishing a microservice using Docker
  • Applying automated testing
  • Running a microservices application in development with Docker Compose
  • Deploying microservices to a production Kubernetes cluster
  • Implementing infrastructure as code and setting up a continuous delivery pipeline
  • Monitoring, managing, and troubleshooting

Bootstrapping Microservices with Docker, Kubernetes, GitHub Action, and Terraform has helped thousands of developers create their first microservices applications. This fully revised second edition introduces the industry-standard tools and practical skills you’ll use for every microservices application. Author Ashley Davis’s friendly advice and guidance helps cut down the learning curve for Docker, Terraform, and Kubernetes, showing you just what you need to know to start building.

About the Technology
Taking a microservices application from proof of concept to production requires many steps and a host of tools like Kubernetes, Terraform, and GitHub Actions. But where do you start? With clear, practical introductions to each concept and tool, this book guides you hands-on through designing and building your first microservices application.

About the Book
Bootstrapping Microservices, Second Edition is your microservices mentor. It teaches you to use industry-standard tools to create a working video streaming application from the ground up. You’ll learn the pillars of cloud-native development, including Terraform for configuration, Docker for packaging, and a basic Kubernetes deployment. Plus, this second edition includes coverage of GitHub Actions, continuous delivery, and Infrastructure as Code.

What's Inside
  • Deploying microservices to Kubernetes
  • Automated testing and continuous delivery
  • Monitoring, managing, and troubleshooting

About the Reader
Examples are in JavaScript and Node. No experience with microservices required.

About the Author
Ashley Davis is a software craftsman, entrepreneur, and author with over 25 years of experience in software development—from coding, to managing teams, to founding companies.

A standout book! Easy to follow and highly relevant. A must-have for anyone exploring microservices, especially beginners.
- Jinay Shah, Cloudflare

This project-driven book taps into the key aspects of microservices without overloading the reader. Highly recommended!
- Benjamin Whelan, ASML

Like having an experienced mentor with you every step of the way.
- Shant Dashjian, Scrimba

No single book will make you an expert, but this book is a great jumpstart.
- Damian Maclennan, Stack Mechanics

Product information

  • Title: Bootstrapping Microservices, Second Edition
  • Author(s): Ashley Davis
  • Release date: April 2024
  • Publisher(s): Manning Publications
  • ISBN: None