Starting Late Sucks

Let me guess … starting late is an everyday occurrence experienced by your team—and by most of the civilized world.

9:57 AM

Chris walks by the conference room with its low table, comfy chairs, and cool pictures to see whether anyone has arrived for the project meeting. Nope, lights are still off. Plenty of time to put together his report. It's the same report as last time, anyway.

9:58 AM

Lauren checks his e-mail to look for a cancellation notice for the project meeting. Rebecca walks into the conference room—the first one—and turns on the lights.

10:00 AM

Announced starting time for the meeting.

John texts Nancy. “Hey, this meeting still on?” She responds, “I think so. Going?”

10:02 AM

Deb, the host, arrives, and as she gets out the bagels and opens the cream cheese, she greets Rebecca.

10:03 AM

Mary pokes her head in to grab a bagel with a quick schmear of cream cheese. Out she goes, saying she doesn't have her notes, but she did get the lone blueberry bagel before Gene did.

10:05 AM

Jeff, Heather, and Gene arrive and head toward the bagels, laughing as they watch a YouTube clip on Gene's iPhone.

Rebecca sighs. She looks at her watch, eagerly anticipating the return to her office to finish her “real job” for the day.

10:06 AM

Chris, with his newly created report, strolls in the door. A few others follow.

10:07 AM

Small talk about last night's game can be heard around the bagel table.

10:10 AM

Deb eventually says, “Everyone, we're getting started.” Low and ...

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