What You Can Do When Stuck in a Boring Meeting

Let's face it, sometimes you get stuck attending a bad presentation, maybe for continuing education credit hours for your profession or because the political nature of your job or company requires you to be there. What happens then? You suck it up and smile.

But what happens after you have done the following?

  • Cleaned out your in-box
  • Texted your friends and family to finalize weekend plans
  • Tweeted your whereabouts and frustrations
  • Posted and commented on Facebook, LinkedIn, and any other darn social time wasters you have access to on your mobile device.

When all else fails, I hope the following attendee SRDs can add enlightenment and productivity to your minutes, hours, days, and years spent in boring and unproductive meetings.

Attendee SRDs

Here are some ideas for rescuing yourself from boring meetings or presentations.

Productive Activities

  • Make or confirm your travel arrangements and check in for your flight home.
  • Try one more excuse for why you should not be here.
  • Do your routine work. Bring along files or documents you need to read or review. Refrain from typing unless others are taking notes.
  • Start another meeting digitally. What can you accomplish with others in the room who also feel stuck? Get on your device and start a constructive dialogue with them.
  • Have your favorite show downloaded on your phone, iPad, or laptop. If you have headphones, it's a good time to catch up. (Just one ear, though, as you lean your head on your ...

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