CHAPTER 12Be present

Shifting into Stand Out is exciting. This is the place where clarity of purpose waltzes with the type of progress that even freshly lit fireworks on New Year's Eve would be proud of. This is where things are happening, cool things — the kinda stuff your Facebook status was born for. Sounds like nirvana, doesn't it?

The reality is that, among the glow, there is also a mess that comes with success. A flipside that if we don't take the time to talk about has the potential to knock you down and leave you feeling winded, gasping for breath and questioning your decisions. Early on in this research a close friend asked me an interesting question — actually one that stopped me in my tracks. Do people really want to Stand Out? she questioned. And I get it. The tall poppy syndrome of wanting to cut down those who stick their neck out is alive and well. Why would we put ourselves out there for judgement and critique voluntarily?? Aren't we just big-noting ourselves; being a bit showy? To me living a Stand Out life isn't about fame or fortune. Becoming a celebrity is not necessarily the goal. To be honest, the pursuit of fame for fame's sake often requires the sacrifice of becoming something that you're not. That's the fast road to plunging into Check Out if ever I heard of one.

Living a Stand Out life is about shaking off the weight of expectation and stepping into who you are. Fully present. Fully you. Warts and all. And when you do, the test is to be here and ...

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