CHAPTER 14Gather your tribe

Breaking new trends, stepping into what truly matters, creating momentum, and being present to the mess, the confusion and the uncertainty of being in Stand Out can be incredibly isolating. Those things you could previously rely on, even if they weren't that great, are now shifting. As your identity starts to shift, so do your relationships, sometimes seismically. Put yourself out there and people will react.

In chapter 1 we spoke about the call to ‘produce' — to ‘bring into being' something that has your fingerprint on it and that could not exist the way it does without your influence on it. Nowhere in the definition of ‘produce' does it say that when you bring something into being it has to be perfect. Worrying that we can only unveil something when we've worked solidly to iron out all the kinks is pointless.

Nowhere in the definition does it say that when you Stand Out you have to do it all alone. Yet we have an unspoken belief that whispers to us that none of our work counts if others help us, and that we have to suffer in silence and do it all to be able to claim the achievement. Our inner martyr rears its ugly head once again and stops us reaching out at the exact time that reaching out is what we need. But when we unpack it, genius never happens in isolation. It's these quiet beliefs that hold us back from living a Stand Out life. Unless we look them square in the eye and call them out.

From cut-off to community

The antidote to this misguided ...

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