Chapter 5


Crisis is inevitable. No-one is immune. None of us can realistically expect to travel through life without experiencing at least one major crisis, whether personal, professional, financial, emotional or spiritual. During these difficult times we are called on to make a choice. Do we crumble under the stress and become less than we were, or do we answer to the rallying call, embrace our unique kairos moment and use the opportunities to reinvent ourselves into someone who is better, stronger and more resilient than before?

It doesn’t matter if the crisis we face is our fault or is caused by circumstances beyond our control. The only thing that really matters is how we choose to handle it. And that most definitely is within our control.

Throughout each of the four principles of the Bounce theory I have deliberately included exercises and thought experiments, which I hope you have participated in. They are designed to prise open your thinking so you start to shift your perspective and open up to new ideas and possibilities. I hope they have offered you some interesting and useful insights along the way. I have also included simple processes to help you engage the power of each of the principles. Now it’s time to bring it all together and apply it to the crisis you are now facing.

The hardest point in any crisis is the moment of impact and realisation. In my case, the crisis began with the physical ...

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