Viva La Failure

WARNING: YOU ARE GOING TO screw up. No need to get upset; just accept it and move on. No person in this world is perfect, and there is certainly no such thing as a perfect brand. Everyone makes mistakes. It has happened to you before, and it is going to happen to you again.

Don't think for a second that you will make all of the right decisions. You will hire someone you shouldn’t. You will say something you will regret immediately after the last word leaves your lips. You will implement a new idea and it will fail. You will launch a new product that won't sell.

I'm not going to spend a lot of time telling you to pick yourself back up after you fail. You know that already. But I do want you to know that the brand that never tries something new is the brand that will be passed by those willing to be innovative. Those who are willing to fail will win. Don't fear failure. Embrace it.

The challenge is not letting the fear of failure stop you. You won't always do the right thing, and people will see you mess up. Today your mistakes are visible to everyone. This is a frightening thought for most people. You have to understand that it's okay to screw up as long as you make it right. People are forgiving by nature.

If you handle your disaster the right way, you will be okay. The reality is that people forget over time, and they can forgive. Remember as a kid when you were taught that honesty is the best policy? Guess what? It still is. Be up front and honest with your ...

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