At some point, every dream has to end. What you don't want to happen is for the curtain to come down prematurely, or until all the opportunities have been realised. As we have repeatedly stressed throughout this book, it is essential to nurture and sustain your brand dream with care and attention. But from time to time it will need to be renewed, refocused and repaired to keep it running. So you have taken the brand dream medicine and it worked. However, that was a time ago and now the business environment is different. There are several reasons for revisiting the brand dream.

Changes in corporate circumstances, perhaps a merger or an acquisition, could trigger the need to go back to first principles. Or a major upheaval in the marketplace may make a second look essential. It could be the impact of a disruptive technology. The brand may simply be running out of steam after a long-running period of success. At some point, for one or more of these reasons, your brand dream may start to look vulnerable. The solution is to revisit the model and ask what changes in the business factors alter the make-up and balance of the three brand dream components.

When you've got a Richard Branson or Steve Jobs on board, they know instinctively when it is time to look afresh at the brand, take in new directions or build on established success. More than that, the evangelism flows constantly from ...

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