Circle #1: Finding the Need

Almost everyone thinks successful innovation starts with a great idea. Almost everyone is wrong. The great idea comes second. You must begin with the killer insight.

Why is finding the insight the starting point? That’s simple. Ideas are easy. It’s the insight that is hard—but vitally important.

We think that big beautiful ideas are a dime a dozen. Want proof? Okay.

Perhaps you are reading this during lunch. Hmmm, let’s see. Lunch related ideas. Why doesn’t my sandwich container lock snuggly next to my snack container, which fits correctly into a bag or briefcase? That way, I would always remember to pack everything for me or my kids. And why hasn’t someone designed a system to arrange all of the miscellaneous storage containers and lids in a drawer at home so it will actually close and I can easily find the matching lid? Speaking of lids, why are they not color coded to help me find the matching container? Or, why don’t container companies just fiddle with the depth so all the lids fit on the same size container–like fast food beverage cups?

Does it even have to have a separate lid? Couldn’t it be built into the unit?

And while we are on the subject, why hasn’t someone invented a washable version of the zipper seal bag? I could fold it, reuse it, and store it more easily. It could use origami thinking–like a Chinese takeout container–so it was rigid, foldable, and sealable!

You get the picture. Coming up with ideas isn’t a problem. But, ironically, ...

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