This journey began with a casual conversation and it continues, thanks to support, encouragement, and help from so many of colleagues, friends, and family members.

It was amazing for us to experience the willingness of so many people to help us with this project.

Special thanks to Gordon Smith, who took a look at our concept and immediately sent it Susan McDermott at John Wiley, our publisher. Susan, along with her team of Judy Howarth, Adrianna Johnson, and Melissa Lopez, have been invaluable throughout the process and especially during the final months of production.

David Stimson, Jackie Leimer, Steve Weinberg, and Robin Rolfe encouraged us early in the process. As recognized visionaries in trademark law and branding, they immediately understood the gap we were trying to fill. Craig Vogel understands the power of collaboration and as a designer, professor, and innovator values power and importance of early IP protection.

Our thought-leaders and interviewees inspired us with their insights and their willingness to share best practices in open innovation, branding, marketing and collaborative IP strategy. Special thanks to: J. Scott Evans, Nils Montan, Sandy Harbrecht, Kyle McQuaid, Gordon Smith, Scott Phillips, Jackie Leimer, David Stimson, Jeff Weedman, Steve Goers, Heidi Emanuel, Ruby Zefo, Kathy Selker, Gregg Marrazzo, Bill Price, Gail Lione, A.B. Cruz, Bob Wehling, Inger Eckert, Joanne Bischman, Vince Volpi, Sean Sauber, Bill Theimann, Benton Sauer, and Jerome ...

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