Chapter 11. Advertising and Promoting Your Brand

In This Chapter

  • Developing your brand marketing message and communication strategy

  • Creating ads that work to build your brand

  • Promoting and packaging your brand

Brands need awareness like plants need water. If people don't know about your brand, or if they don't have a clear idea about what your brand is and stands for, it will never take root in their minds, which is where brands live and thrive.

Advertising is a primary tool for developing brand awareness for the simple reason that it allows you to tell your story in exactly the terms you want, when you want, and where you want. Unlike publicity‐generation efforts (see Chapter 10), which, at best, result in delivery of your message some of the time, advertising is a surefire means to carry your brand message into target market homes, offices, cars, and mailboxes.

Good advertising grabs attention, heightens interest, creates emotional connection, and etches a positive brand image in your target prospect's mind. Good advertising is an investment that pays off by building awareness and, as a result, equity for your brand.

This chapter helps you plan, create, produce, and place advertising that conveys your message, inspires your market, and builds a clear, compelling image for your brand in the minds of your target prospects. We also help you develop the full range of marketing materials that complement your advertising — from sales materials to product packages — so that your ads are part ...

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