Chapter 7

Naming Your Brand

In This Chapter

arrow Realizing the power of a great brand name

arrow Brainstorming, choosing, and vetting your brand name

arrow Claiming your name on the web

arrow Registering and protecting your name

If you haven’t yet named your brand, you just opened to what may be the most important chapter in this book.

Naming your brand is by far the most challenging, momentous, and necessary phase in the process of branding. Before you can proceed to develop a brand identity, you need a name that’s appropriate, available, appealing, and enduring. Truly, naming a brand is as important — and as difficult — as naming a baby.

remember.eps Other identifiers of your brand — including your logo, tagline, and color scheme — may change over time, but unless you totally rebrand, your name will remain pretty much intact. You may evolve it (Coca-Cola to Coke or Federal Express to FedEx come to mind), but from the day you announce it, your name will likely remain the key that unlocks your brand image in the minds ...

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