Chapter 10

Branding in the Digital Age

In This Chapter

arrow Planning and activating your brand’s online presence

arrow Building site that looks great on any size screen

arrow Getting found online by search engines and customers

The Internet is the most-traveled route to your business offerings. It’s the starting point for finding directions to and information about your business and for evaluating and considering your products and services. It’s where many if not most people form their first impression of your brand. It’s also where small-scale brands can level the playing field when competing with the best-funded big-brand marketers. Online, no one knows how big your office or budget is, because your business fills the same screen as that filled by the pages of your biggest competitor. This chapter helps you make the most of your online opportunity.

Pulling People to Your Brand Online

Your brand has to be online. That’s all there is to it. To anyone with a website, that first sentence sounds like a no-brainer, and yet small-business owners lead the list of people who think they can develop brands with no or only haphazard web presence. If you’re among the great many freelancers or super-small ...

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