Brazil Is the New America: How Brazil Offers Upward Mobility in a Collapsing World

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Look to Brazil for safe, stable investments

As the future of the American economy seems to get bleaker by the day, it is tempting to look abroad for business opportunities. Europe and Asia don't provide much hope, but what about somewhere that's both closer to home and sunny year-round? In Brazil is the New America: How Brazil Offers Upward Mobility in a Collapsing World, James D. Davidson shows that the current financial situation in Brazil is a haven for those looking to make money in a world in turmoil.

With a population just 62 percent the size of that of the US, Brazil has added 15,023,633 jobs over the past eight years, while the US has lost millions. In a world burdened by bankrupt governments and aging populations, Brazil is solvent, with two people of working age for every dependent. In a world of "Peak Oil" Brazil is energy independent, with 70 billion barrels of oil, 60% of the world's unused arable land, and 15% of its fresh water. Comparatively non-leveraged—and with significant room for growth and expansion, as well as vast natural resources, Brazil is a haven of opportunity.

Written by James D. Davidson, the editor/publisher of Strategic Investment and cofounder of Agora and the media outlet, Newsmax, Brazil is the New America details:

  • How the original "America" now embodies the brightest hope for realizing the American Dream while the "Old America" is headed for a dramatic decline in the standard of living

  • Investment opportunities not only for those willing to relocate, but anyone who can consider investing there

  • The cost structure of employment in Brazil versus the United States

Brazil has already learned its lesson about the dangers of inflation. Cash has taken the place of credit, and high interest rate returns are now the norm.

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Contents
  3. Title
  4. Copyright
  5. Dedication
  6. Preface
  7. Acknowledgments
  8. Chapter 1: The World in 2050
    1. A Preview of the Future
    2. A Decrease in Productive Capacity
    3. Squandering Prosperity
  9. Chapter 2: The Original America is the New Brazil
    1. The Country of the Future
    2. The Origins of America
    3. The Mythic Brazil
    4. A Difficult Dream to Realize
    5. Can America’s Destiny Be Fulfilled in Brazil?
  10. Chapter 3: How Brazil Became Endowed for Prosperity in a Collapsing World
    1. The Impact of Topography
    2. Yesterday’s Limitations as Today’s Strengths
    3. Three Radical Changes
  11. Chapter 4: Prosperity and Energy Density
    1. Denser Energy Equals a Rise in Prosperity
    2. Coal and Adam Smith
    3. The Phases of Extracting Energy
    4. The Shift from Coal to Oil and World War I
    5. Peak Oil and Declining Money
    6. The Competition for Prosperity
    7. The SS Great Britain Sails Again
  12. Chapter 5: Malthus Again
    1. The Dynamics of Weather
    2. Not Wrong, but Early
    3. Waiting for Our Malthusian Moment
    4. The Next Little Ice Age
    5. “The Dog That Did Not Bark”
    6. Putting Two and Two Together
    7. A New Maunder Minimum
    8. Dearth, Insanity, and Revolution
  13. Chapter 6: Deficit Attention Disorder
    1. How Debtism Changed the World
    2. Debtism Helps Politicians Manipulate You
    3. The U.S. Budget Deficits Would Make Greece Blush
    4. Worse than the Great Depression
    5. The Collapse of the Boom
  14. Chapter 7: “Rome” Falls, Again
    1. Slip-Sliding Down the Road to National Insolvency
    2. Welcome to the Second Decline and Fall of “Rome”
    3. Americans as the New Illegal Emigrants
  15. Chapter 8: The Sunny Side of the Leverage Cycle
    1. You Are in Steerage on a Sinking Ship
    2. Stopping Runaway Spending
    3. Important Lessons from Hyperinflation
    4. Leverage and Growth
    5. GDP Gains Based on Income Growth
  16. Chapter 9: A Bounty of Water and Land
    1. Brazil and Water
    2. Brazil Reinvents Agriculture
  17. Chapter 10: Reversing the Gap
    1. The Zero Sum Growth Game
    2. Grim Prospects
    3. Pulling the Plug
    4. Submerging Economies
    5. Rio is the New Houston
    6. Leading the Way in Renewable Energy
    7. Let there Be Light
    8. Declining Power after an Energy Transition
  18. Chapter 11: Demographic Turbocharge
    1. China Takes a Dive?
    2. Brazil’s Demographic Bonus
    3. A Laboratory for New Products
    4. A Real Cultural Melting Pot
  19. Chapter 12: Back to the Future
    1. Is Brazil Following the United States Too Closely?
    2. Weight
    3. Effects on Health Care
    4. Diversity Issues
    5. Infrastructure
    6. Corruption
    7. Bureaucracy
    8. Custo Brasil
    9. Credit
  20. Chapter 13: On the Outside Looking In
    1. Conclusions
    2. “Plagiarize, Plagiarize, Why Not Use Your Eyes?”
    3. Coming Soon: Financial Repression
    4. From the Empire Settlement Act to Unsettling Choices
    5. Looking at BRICs
    6. Making the Move
  21. About the Author
  22. Index

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  • Title: Brazil Is the New America: How Brazil Offers Upward Mobility in a Collapsing World
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: August 2012
  • Publisher(s): Wiley
  • ISBN: 9781118006634