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Breakeven Analysis

Book Description

This second edition continues with the successful comprehensive collection of cost-volume-pro t applications. Whether you’re a business professional, entrepreneur, business professor, or student, you will bene t from this one stop how-to book of formulas, explanations, and examples. This new edition offers a wide range of topics, from calculating basic breakeven, to dealing with multiple products, mixed costs, changing costs, and changing prices. Michael E. Cafferky is the Ruth McKee Chair for Entrepreneurship and Business Ethics at Southern Adventist University’s School of Business and Management. In an addition to a doctoral degree in business from Anderson University Falls School of Business he also holds masters degrees in public health and religion. The author of eight books, Cafferky is a member of the Academy of Management and the Christian Business Faculty Association. He has received Southern’s President’s Award for Excellence in Scholarship and the national Sharon Johnson Award from the Christian Business Faculty Association.