Appendix B. Considerations for Working with AIR 1.1

At the time this book was written, Adobe had released AIR 1.1, and, although the tools for writing an AIR 1.1 application have been released, they are not yet packaged in a single convenient installer. There are a few things you will need to understand to be able to create an AIR 1.1 application.

To determine whether you need to follow the steps in this appendix, you need to know which build of Flex Builder you have. Open Flex Builder, and from the top menu, choose Help > About Adobe Flex Builder 3. If the version number in the bottom right corner is 3.0.1.#### (where #### is any group of numbers), you are running the updated 3.0.1 version and do not need to execute any of the steps in this appendix. ...

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