Chapter 17Oracle

Interview with Nicoleta Apostol (Mentee)

Nicoleta has worked at Oracle Romania since April 2008, as Senior Technology Consultant, Pre-Sales Team Leader, and Sales Consulting Manager. She is responsible for leadership of projects and teams, people management, recruitment, performance management, remote management, and demand generation. She has been in the Oracle mentoring program since October 2014 and was scheduled to finish the program in June 2015.

Can you tell me briefly about your business career?

I'm a techie girl. I studied computer science, did Java programming before joining Oracle as a technology consultant, and took the role of a technical architect in Oracle for two years and half. Ever since high school, I've always known what I wanted: I've always seen myself as a people-oriented person—but also good at mathematics, informatics, with technical ability. So I pursued an IT career, but always knew that, by the age of 30, I wanted to be a people manager—a combined business-oriented and people-management role. For the last three years I've been managing teams across multiple physical locations. I manage local and remote teams, which is more complex, but it has definitely brought me a lot of learning. To summarize, I'm a technology specialist with ...

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