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Breakthrough Communication: A Powerful 4-Step Process for Overcoming Resistance and Getting Results (Audio Book)

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People don't always communicate well. It's a fact of life. But you don't have to be a helpless witness or participant in a conversation that steadily unravels into misunderstandings, confusion, and even hostility. You can take charge--and you can make a difference! Breakthrough Communication provides easy-to-implement strategies for virtually any business situation, whether it's one-on-one or within a group.

"Not since Dale Carnegie's How to Win Friends and Influence People has there been such a valuable roadmap for bringing high-impact results." -- Marshall Goldsmith, New York Times bestselling author of What Got You Here Won't Get You There and MOJO

"A practical and insightful translation of cutting-edge psychological science research." -- Laura Kray, PhD, Warren E. & Carol Spieker Professor of Leadership, University of California, Berkeley, Haas School of Business

"Destined to become a classic, Breakthrough Communication tells the truth about achieving status in and dominating your niche. If you can handle the truth, this book will change your life." -- Kevin Hogan, PsyD, author of The Science of Influence

"This book is a true breakthrough itself. If you want to learn to communicate better, you must read this book!" -- Dave Kerpen, New York Times bestselling author of Likeable Social Media and Likeable Leadership

"Breakthrough Communication is a smart and entertaining read for anyone who wants to be successful with people." -- Debra Benton, President, Benton Management Resources, Inc., and author of The CEO Difference