Chapter 10. Capitalizing on Success

Breakthrough IT is not an overnight success story. It is a long and complex process, and each step—from finding new sourcing options for continuing operations, to gradually refining the project portfolio—will be a test of a CEO's and CIO's ability, and of the capabilities of the organization as a whole. Like most worthwhile processes, Breakthrough IT becomes easier as momentum builds, and IT becomes an increasingly effective tool for value, growth, and competitive advantage. This will not happen overnight, of course, and applying Breakthrough IT to your company is expected to be an iterative process, continually refining the management of ongoing operations, gradually growing more competent at predicting the returns on a specific project, and using that information to refine the organization's selection of strategic projects.

The truly Breakthrough organization is not one that applies the methods in this book as a temporary mode of operating, but rather adopts these concepts and continually refines them, until they have the best IT shop in the business, perhaps one that is completely indistinguishable from the business units with which it collaborates. While this is a long and often difficult road, building a true Breakthrough IT organization is its own competitive weapon. Breakthrough IT is not something that can be bought from a vendor, discussed in a few training sessions, and forgotten; rather, it is like the preparation an elite athlete endures. ...

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