Chapter 1

What Is Brexit and What Does It Mean for You?


Bullet Breaking down the UK referendum result and key issues that led to the result

Bullet Setting out the timeline for the UK’s exit from the EU

Bullet Delving into the key negotiation points for the UK’s withdrawal agreement

Bullet Attempting to get parliamentary consensus on the withdrawal agreement

Bullet Looking at the reaction from business leaders

Bullet Preparing your business for Brexit and looking to the future

In 2016, the United Kingdom (UK), which comprises Great Britain and Northern Ireland, voted to leave the European Union (EU).

Europe had become a bitterly divisive issue in the country, and especially within the ruling Conservative Party. The country was essentially split down the middle, with “Remainers” on one side, arguing that the UK benefited greatly from membership in the EU, and “Leavers” (“Brexiters” or the even more jaunty-sounding ...

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