Chapter 4

Everybody Needs Good Neighbors: Looking at Long-Term UK–EU Relations


Bullet Introducing the political declaration regarding future UK–EU relations

Bullet Outlining the plan for future trade

Bullet Aiming for regulatory cooperation between the UK and the EU

Bullet Looking at the vision for customs arrangements

Bullet Agreeing on the movement of people between the EU and the UK

Bullet Setting the scene for post-Brexit negotiations

If you set foot in the United Kingdom (UK) at any point during the 1980s and 1990s, you’ll be well familiar with the theme tune from Neighbours, the Australian soap opera that had Brits hooked when it first aired on the BBC in 1986. “Neighbors,” the annoyingly catchy tune began, “everybody needs good neighbors… .” (The theme tune’s still the same, by the way, even though the show was long ago relegated from the Beeb to Channel 5.)

And even though many Brits actively avoid making ...

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