Chapter 9

Carrying Out a Brexit Impact Assessment for Your Business


Bullet Looking at the implications for your workforce

Bullet Assessing the impact on your trade and logistics

Bullet Eyeing the money side of things

Bullet Being prepared for changes in standards and licensing

Bullet Considering the impact on your IT and data practices

Bullet Accessing helpful tools to guide your contingency plan

Surely everyone knows the Boy Scouts motto of “Be prepared.” I was a scout myself, and although I may have outgrown the desire to competitively cover my sash in merit badges (well, just about), the old “Be prepared” mind-set has always stayed with me.

Those scouts know what they’re talking about. Whether you find yourself lost on a camping trip, or lost in the mad labyrinth of Brexit complexities, it’s always a good idea to be prepared. You don’t want to find yourself up Brexit Creek without a paddle.

And so I turn to the ...

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